Artist support

Getting Started

Your Art on Screens

  • Sedition offers a new way for artists to sell digital art.
  • Art is distributed exclusively in digital format through the Sedition platform and dedicated apps.
  • Collectors can enjoy art on screens and connected devices.
  • Learn more about Sedition:

The Sedition Open Platform

  • Upload, edition and publish artworks.
  • Sell digital art to a global audience of collectors.
  • Receive 50% share of net revenues on all editions sold.
  • Get access to sales & reporting data.
  • Sign-up by visiting:

What you need

  1. Artwork(s): up to 5, hi-res images or videos.We accept:
    JPEG or PNG. One side must be at least 3000 pixels
    MOV, MPEG or MP4 at 1920x1080 or higher, preferred length is between 2 and 5 mins, and at least 30 seconds.
  2. Artwork description: max 1500 characters
  3. Biography: max 1500 characters
  4. Profile image: JPG or PNG. Maximum 5mb and at least 400x400 pixels
  5. Signature: JPG or PNG

Select and Upload Artworks

  • Select up to five of your artworks to upload.
  • Upload digital video or image stills. Drag and drop or browse files to upload. Remember Sedition is a digital platform, so submit work that makes the best use of the digital medium.
  • Works must be exclusive to Sedition.

Prepare and Submit an Artwork

  • Choose a title and write a description for your work (min 250 characters).
    Consult the style guidelines here.
  • Select an edition size and price (More pricing and editioning options will be made available once you sell out your first artworks.)
  • Submit artworks for approval and wait for your email notification.

Complete Your Profile

  • Write your biography (min 500 characters). Consult the style guidelines here.
  • Select and upload your profile picture.
  • Select and upload a banner image.
  • Upload an image or scan of your signature.

Wait for Approval

Selection Criteria

Once you have submitted your work for approval, Sedition will review your work according to the following selection criteria. You will receive a response from Sedition via email within 5 working days.

  • Technical: the artwork meets the accepted file formats and resolution requirements. There are no visible credits, logos, advertisements, URLs or any promotional messages.
  • Viewing Experience: artworks that make the best use of digital tools and are optimized for viewing on screens and devices.
  • Online exclusivity: the artwork is exclusively featured on the Sedition platform and cannot be viewed in full resolution or made available for sale on any other platforms (note: an edited version, trailer or preview can be featured on other websites to promote the work).

Launch and Promote Your Work

Once your artwork has been approved, you can begin promoting your artwork.

Online Private Views

  • Invite friends, collectors and fans to your 24 hour online private view. Invited guests are the first to preview and purchase your work at a preferential price.
  • Add guest names and emails or upload a guest list in CSV. You must enter a minimum of 20 email addresses before you can launch your artwork.
  • Promote your private view on social media by connecting to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Click ‘Launch Artwork’ to send the invite to your guests and launch your work.
  • Once your 24 hour private view has ended, your work and profile page will be live on Sedition!.

Grow Your Audience and Collector Base

Once your artwork has been approved, you can begin promoting your artwork.

Online Private Views

  • Promote your profile page and artworks through your social mediachannels and on your website. Mention @seditionart on Twitter and we may re-tweet you. Add a link to your Sedition profile and artworks to your website and add a link to your website to your Sedition profile.
  • Monitor any comments on your artwork pages and reply to them.
  • Follow other artists on Sedition and add favourite artworks to your Wish List.
  • Follow your collectors on Sedition and send them a message.
  • Join the conversations and share your views on the artworks you like. Make honest and constructive comments, respecting the community.
  • Check the Artists reports to monitor the sales of your artworks.


I am an artist. How do I sell my work on Sedition?

Go to and create an account. If you already have an account on Sedition, simply login at the link above, you do not have to create another account. Follow the instructions to upload your work.

How do I become a curated artist?

Curated artists are artists selected by Sedition curators. There is no formal process for artist to become a Curated artist. We encourage you to keep your profile up to date with your exhibitions and activities. There is potential in the future for artists who have submitted works to Sedition to be selected to present a work in the Curated section, however, that is dependent on the profile of the artist and their work.

How do I edit my profile?

Log-in to Sedition and click on your icon to the drop-down menu. Go to Account and click on the Edit Profile button in the top right corner. Edit your name, city, biography, profile picture, banner image and signature here. Click ‘Save Profile’ when you are finished.

How do I upload an artwork?

Login to Sedition and click on your icon to go to the drop-down menu. Click on Account and go to the Studio tab. Click on the ‘Add Artwork’ button to upload a new artwork. If you have already uploaded 5 artworks, you will not be allowed to upload more artworks until one of your editions has sold out.

How many artworks can I upload?

You can submit up to 5 artworks. Once you have launched 5 artworks, you will not be allowed to upload more artworks. You can submit more artworks once you have sold out an edition.

What digital formats do you accept?

When uploading a new work, please ensure it is the highest quality and highest resolution.
For video, we accept the following formats: MOV, MPG, or MP4
For image stills, we accept: JPG or PNG
We also accept other formats including:
3GP, ASF, AVI, DV, FLV, MKV, MP4, MPEG. MOV, MXF, OGG, RM, VOB, WEBM and many others.

What codec should I use for encoding my video?

We accept most codecs. The preferred codec is: H.264
Please avoid using:

  • Apple Intermediate
  • ProRes 4444 (ProRes 422 Supported)
  • HDV 720p60
  • Go2Meeting3 (G2M3)
  • Go2Meeting4 (G2M4)
  • ER AAC LD (Error Resiliant, Low-Delay variant of AAC)

How long can my artwork be?

The suggested length of an artwork is at least 30s in length. It can be longer or shorter, however most artworks are under 10 min. We recommend a minimum of 30s and a maximum of 30 min. Please note larger files will increase the file size, which may have an impact on the playback experience.

What is the largest file I can upload?

There is no limit to the file size, but you may experience delays when uploading large files, over 5GB.

How do I write my biography?

Your biography should be max 1500 characters. We recommend browsing our website and reading a few biographies that are already published online. Remember to write your texts in the third person, such as ‘Kate John was born in...’ (do not use “I” or “We”). Here are a few questions you can use when writing your biography. You can also use the tags <em></em> to italicise the name of your artwork and exhibitions.

Basic questions

  • What year were you born?
  • What is your nationality?
  • Where do you live and work?
  • Did you receive a university or art degree?
  • What medium do you prefer to use in your work? (photography, video, mixed media, code, animation, 3D, etc)
  • Are there particular themes you work with?
  • Exhibition history? (state the year, gallery or museum and city/country)
  • Have you received any awards?

Additional questions

  • Are you represented by a gallery?
  • Has your work been collected by a museum?
  • Literature - has your work been published anywhere?

How do I write my artwork description?

Your artwork description is a short text about your work and should be max 500 characters long. We recommend browsing our website and reading a few artwork descriptions that are already published online. Remember to write your texts in the third person, such as ‘Kate John was born in...’ (do not use “I” or “We”). You can also use the tags <em></em> to italicise the name of your artwork and exhibitions.

Here are a few questions you can use when writing your artwork description.

Basic questions

  • When was the artwork created?
  • What is the medium of your work? (photography, video, mixed media, code, animation, 3D, etc)?
  • How did you create this work? What was the process?
  • Are there specific themes/motifs to this work?
  • What inspired you to make this work?
  • Is this a new work, or has it previously existed in any other form i.e. painting, film, installation, etc?
  • Has this work been exhibited before? (state the year, gallery or museum and city/country)

Additional questions

  • Is this artwork part of a collection?
  • Did you collaborate with anyone in order to create this work?
  • Is there a soundtrack?
  • Are you referencing the work of another artwork, artist, or similar?

How should I price my artwork?

Login to Sedition and click on your icon to go to the drop-down menu. Click on Account and go to the Studio tab. Click on the ‘Add Artwork’ button to upload a new artwork. If you have already uploaded 5 artworks, you will not be allowed to upload more artworks until one of your editions has sold out.

How do I upload an artwork?

When you submit your first artwork, you will be given three pricing and edition sizing options:

  1. Edition of 100 starting at £5
  2. Edition of 50 starting at £1
  3. Edition of 30 starting at £30

It’s up to you whether you think your work is likely to sell better as many editions at a lower price or fewer editions at a higher price. All artworks are dynamically priced, meaning the price will gradually increase as editions sells out.

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing is when the price will incrementally increase as the edition sells out. For every 10 editions sold, the price will rise by £1. This increase encourages your collectors to buy early and buy quickly. It improves the perceived value of your work as it increases in popularity, and increases your revenue per artwork as opposed to selling at a fixed price.

How do I get more pricing options?

Once you sell out your first edition, you unlock more options for your subsequent works, which means you can sell more at a higher price. This continues until you are able to pick any editions size or starting price as you see appropriate to sell your work.

What is the revenue share I will take for selling my work?

You will receive:

  • 50% of Net Revenues from sales.
  • a proportion of Art Stream subscription revenues. We track subscriber data to monitor how often a work is used and added to a playlist. 20% of subscription fees are distributed to artists; the distribution is based on the frequency of artwork views.

No Artist Profit Allocation shall be payable to the Artist in respect of Work(s) sold as part of the Sedition trading platform, however Sedition shall ensure that all relevant and/or applicable artist resale royalties are accounted to the relevant collection agency. For full details of our payment structure, visit our T&C’s page:

How do I get paid?

You will receive an Quarterly Artist Statement every quarter (every 3 months) via email with the amount of your sales and revenue for the period. You can then send us an invoice with the amount stated in your statement with your bank or Paypal details. The fund will be transferred to you within 30 days of receiving your invoice. Your payment will be calculated and paid to you in Pounds Sterling. You do not have to send us an invoice every quarter. If you prefer, you can send us an invoice when you are ready to receive your total revenue that is due. If you have questions about your Quarterly Artist Statement, please contact:

Do I need to clear the rights to the work before I upload it?

You must clear any rights to use any copyrighted material including photos, music etc. before uploading the work to Sedition. You must have full rights to the works that you upload including work you have done in collaboration with others.

Are collectors of my art allowed to reproduce my work?

No, collectors are not allowed to reproduce your work. Details on the usage rights are detailed in our Terms & Conditions page:

How do collectors view the work?

Once a collector has purchased a work, they can view it through any connected TV, tablet, mobile phone and computer. Works are streamed directly from the Vault or through one of the free Sedition apps on Samsung Smart TVs, Samsung Allshare-enabled devices, iPads and iPhones.

For more information about how works are viewed, visit our support page:

How long does it take before my artwork is approved?

You should get a response within 5 working days. If you do not receive a response, please contact us directly at:

How will I know when my artwork is approved or rejected?

You will receive an email within 5 working days from when you submit your artwork. Your artwork will be approved, rejected or we will ask you to make some changes before it can be approved.

My artwork has been approved. How do I launch my artwork?

If your artwork has been approved, you can publish it with the 24 hour private view. You can do this by going to the Studio and clicking on ‘Prepare to Launch’ button next to the approved artwork. Add your guest list by clicking on ‘Manage Guest List’ and entering the names and email addresses of those you wish to invite (minimum of 20). Tweet and post the event to your Facebook page so people can learn about your new artwork. When you are ready, simply press the ‘Launch’ button at the bottom of the page and your email invitations, posts and tweets will go out. The 24 hour private view countdown starts there and then.Your artwork will be available to anyone who has the link to your private view. Once the private view is over your artwork will be live on Sedition for anyone to view and purchase.

If you have not received a response on whether your artwork has been approved within 5 working days of submitting, please contact:

How do I import contacts for my Private View?

Most email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail allow you to export your contacts as a CSV file. When uploading CSV file we will look for any valid email addresses and import them to your contact list.

Learn how to export contacts with Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail or Yahoo Mail or Gmail Mail

For Gmail and Yahoo users we support automatic import of contacts. This is a secure and more convenient way of importing your contacts.

If you have any problems or futher questions please email us at

If my artwork is rejected, can I submit another artwork?

Yes, you can submit another artwork. If there are specific issues with the artwork submitted, you can try resolving the issues and submitting the artwork again. You can delete your initial submission by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button next to the artwork and resubmitting the work with the changes.

How do I delete an artwork?

You cannot delete an artwork once it has been launched on the site. If your artwork has not been launched yet, you can go to the Studio and click on the ‘Delete’ button next to the artwork you would like to delete. You can then upload a new artwork.

What does it mean the artwork has to be exclusive to Sedition?

When we say ‘exclusive’ it means the artwork cannot be for sale on any other website. You can sell a physical copy of the artwork, but you cannot have the work available for sale on another website or have it available to download anywhere online.

Can I have my artwork on my website or on Vimeo/Youtube?

You can have a low resolution version of your artwork on your website, but not the full resolution artwork. We recommend placing a watermark on the artwork or for videos, we recommend creating a preview or excerpt of the artwork that can be put your website, Vimeo or Youtube. We suggest adding a link to the full artwork on Sedition in the description.

What does it mean when someone ‘wants’ my artwork?

In your Recent Activity panel on your profile, you can view when someone ‘wants’ your artwork. This means the person has added your artwork to their Wishlist, but have not yet purchased the artwork. If you wish to contact a collector, you can click on their profile and ‘Follow’ them. You can then got to Account and ‘Messages’ on the left menu and compose a new message and enter their name in the ‘Recipient name’ field to send them a message.

I have a question, who can I contact?

If you cannot find your question here, please contact our artist support team at: or call: +44 (0)20 3214 9955 and ask for Artist Support.