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Trading and the secondary marketplace

Getting Started

Sedition offers digital limited edition artworks created by world leading artists for your screens & devices. Artworks are offered in limited runs from 30 to 10,000 editions at a fixed or dynamic price.

Discover and purchase artworks; and when all editions of an artwork have sold out , the Sedition Trade platform enables members to resell, place bids and pursue other artworks for their collection.

How to buy?

  1. Become a member

    If you are new to Sedition sign up for free to receive all the member benefits including access to exclusive private views, new artist releases, personalised notifications and of course use of the Sedition Trade platform.

    Register using your email or with your Facebook account.

  2. Discover Artworks and Place Your Bids

    Discover artworks available for resale in the Marketplace tab. When you place a bid on any artwork a screen will open with the asking price, price history and the highest current bid. Compare the stats and assess how much you want to bid for the work. If your bid matches the asking price you will instantly purchase the artwork. If you bid is lower than the asking price, it will remain in place until the seller accepts it or someone else outbids you. When you are outbid you will be notified immediately and be given the chance to amend your bid.

  3. Manage your Bids

    The Marketplace tab will show you all your Open Bids listed at the top. Here you can edit or withdraw your bids. Every time you place a bid on an artwork the bidding screen will show your position in the bidding queue in relation to other buyers.

  4. Purchase and Enjoy

    An artwork is sold when the seller accepts your bid or if your bid matches the asking price. As soon as the transaction is processed, you will automatically become the official owner of the artwork and your edition will instantly appear in your Vault along with the certificate authenticity for the work. Use the Sedition apps to enjoy your new artworks at the best resolution and playback quality.

How to sell?

  1. Become a Collector on Sedition

    If you are a new user, register with Sedition using your email address or connecting through your Facebook account. Once you are registered you will be able to explore a new world of digital editions, artists and collectors. Discover and purchase artworks and resell any artworks you own that have sold out on Sedition.

  2. List Your Artworks For Sale

    Selling artworks on Sedition is easy. Click on Trade in the menu and check the Sell Your Artworks tab to see which artworks you own that are eligible for sale. Remember, only artworks that have sold out are eligible for trade. Choose the artwork you wish to sell and click on Sell. Enter the price at which you would like to sell your work. Remember you can edit the asking price at anytime. Click Sell to list your artwork in the Sedition marketplace.

  3. Receive and manage bids

    When your artwork is listed in the Sedition Marketplace potential buyers will be able to place bids. You will receive notifications to alert you of any new bids. You can accept or ignore bids from the Marketplace tab and you can also edit your asking price to match any bids.

  4. Accepting a bid

    To review and accept bids, go to the Sell Your Artwork tab where you can view all your open sales. Select the artwork and click. Scroll down to view all the individual bids. Click Edit Price. Accept Bid to sell your artwork to the buyer with the highest bid. Once the purchase has been processed the edition will automatically be transferred to the buyer’s Vault along with its certificate of authenticity. The proceeds will be deposited into your trade credit account which you can access from your Account preferences. You can use these funds to purchase more artworks on Sedition or request a payment withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is £10.

What artworks can I trade?

You can only trade artworks that have been purchased on Sedition and where the primary edition run has sold out.

How do I know which artworks from my personal collection are for eligible for Trade?

Login to your account on Sedition, go to Trade and click on the “Sell Your Work” tab. The Sell tab will show you any artworks that you own that are eligible for Trade.

How can I list my artworks for Trade?

Go to Trade and click on the Sell Your Artworks tab to check which artworks you can resell. Select an artwork and click Sell. A selling screen will open up. Here you can list the price at which you would like to sell your work. This screen will also show you your purchase price, the potential net profit, historical price information, and the current best bid and asking price. Once you have entered an asking price for your artwork click the Sell button to list your artwork on the Sedition Marketplace.

How do I accept a bid?

Go to the Sell Your Artwork tab and select the artwork. Click Edit Price and scroll down to view the list of all open bids. Choose the bid you would like to accept and click Accept Bid. You can also accept bids from the Marketplace tab by clicking on the highest bid.

How do I get paid for Trade sales?

Any monies from Trade sales will be credited to your Sedition Account. You will be able to use your credit to purchase artworks on Sedition or request a withdrawal.

How Can I Withdraw Money From My Account?

Any credit from Trade sales will be stored in your account. Click the Request Withdrawal button on the Credit Overview page to send an email to the Sedition finance team who will then arrange to credit your Paypal account or other accounts.

What is the asking price?

The asking price is the price a seller wishes to receive for their artwork. An asking price can be changed at any time until the sale takes place.

What is a bid?

A bid is the price a buyer is willing to pay for the artwork.

What is an offer?

An offer is another term for asking price.

Can I retract a bid?

Yes, simply go the Marketplace tab. View your Open Bids and click Withdraw Bid.

What fees does Sedition take for Trade sales?

Sedition deducts 10% commission from each Trade sale. A percentage of this fee is paid to the artist. The commission is included in the price and automatically levied. The profit calculator will automatically factor in the commission.

What is the Sedition Trade currency?

To avoid price disparities between currencies, trades on Sedition are conducted only in GBP (Pounds Sterling).