I'm Tanbelia an artist based in Ukraine. My art is about nature in abstract forms. The goal is to encourage people to protect nature. Abstraction speaks most accurately, it is and how everyone wants to see it, it is about what the artist put in it, what emotion is behind it. After all, we like to solve riddles, but not to know the answer immediately. I don’t only create paintings but I also think about ecology, what I can do for it, I am always looking for new artistic techniques, especially paying attention to the recycling of plastic and paper and using this in my art. I found inspiration in nature and extreme these two things cause me such emotions and feelings that I am ready to turn the world. Impressionism influences my works a lot because artists created their masterpieces fast on the plein air, only this, in my opinion, makes each artwork so unique, emotional, and alive especially if you paint on the plein air and feel this connection with the world. I want to encourage people to preserve and protect nature. We live in the Anthropocene age and this period needs to be not an ecological catastrophe, but vice versa we can try to protect nature, the underwater world from rubbish and human activities.