Tang Kwok Hin

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Before Rain After

In a developed city, everyone is always going somewhere, from point to point. Our surroundings are regarded as merely a backdrop to our journeys. Who really ever notices their surroundings and experiences that they encounter along the way?

“Before Rain After” talks about cycle of rain as a metaphor of irresistible power from city life towards nature.

In the second part (BEFORE) rain after, a single channel video is inserted into a brick well showing reflections of puddles on the road from his house to the Oil Street Art Space after it has rained during the day. The images in the water on his route are constantly changing, reflecting here the countryside, there a low-angle view of the city looking up into the sky. As if seen from the bottom of a well, they create a mirage that represents the absurd relationship between truth and illusion. You are no longer to justify rural and urban places through the hints.

Webpage of the Artist: www.tangkwokhin.com

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Before Rain Afterby Tang Kwok Hin
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Before Rain After
Tang Kwok Hin
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February 24, 2018
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