Tang Kwok Hin

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Tang Kwok-hin, mixed media artists, Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008, first prize winner at Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award 2009, 2013 Asian Cultural Council grantee. Tang starts the artistic path from continuous queries towards his native background; soon he has developed exploration towards origins of existence and intimate aesthetics, inseparably connecting to the course and experiences of his life. These concerns are reflected in his works. He blurs boundaries between art and living by integrating creation with conflicts of human kinds which reveals intrinsic values, tension of duality and rhythm of senses. He often appropriates and reconstructs daily and personal contexts to narrate hidden stories in life, dealing with growth, inheritance, freedom, capitalism, consumerism, nature, politics, norms, etc., to express concerns towards humans and surroundings.