Rainbow Transport Channels

Rainbow Transport Channels is a digital video work released as part of the Metagarden collection by Tanja Vujinović.

The virtual futuristic garden Sphere3 is an ecosystem of imaginary real things. It contains small and large organic instruments and synthetic organisms: reactors, collectors, multi-functional capsules, plantoids, asteroids, and a central fountain for water treatment and energy production. The conceptual framework of the garden also allows us to think about the current networks that we are part of. They oftentimes seem like they are built on foundations of social well-being and care, yet these sometimes simultaneously harm us and threaten our privacy and existential agency. Speculating about the systems that we will be part of in the future is interesting, yet our reality is full of unresolved directions of our future development.

It is inspired by analogous locations on Earth where simulations, rehearsals and explorations take place, such as Rio Tinto in Spain or Fields in Matis Island. One version of the transport channels between different Sectors of the Spheres are these fleeting immaterial rainbow pipes.

Rainbow Transport Channels is a digital video work by Tanja Vujinović. Sound is by Mihajlo Đorović and Tanja Vujinović. Production: Ultramono, 2020.

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