Another Life

Terry Flaxton's Another Life is a response to his earlier 2022 piece, Another Sun, which contemplated the lives of other sentient creatures on other planets circling other suns, and was a response to a poem by Arseni Tarkovsky, father of the Russian Film maker Andrei Tarkovsky.

Another Life however takes as its subject and addresses a variety of Eastern philosophies, which speak about reincarnation as a solution when staring into the dark black void as the end to this current life. The proposition in Another Life is that whether or not we go on into different lives, this life is itself the solution to the conundrum that Western materialist existentialists reflect on when considering whether being and not being are the flip side of the coin of the existence of that this universe represents.

The materialist Westerner sees no value in tipping the balance to a yes to the existence of the universe and only sees chance at work with regard human life. Eastern philosophies argue that if souls reincarnate then everything is explained: These propose that people should behave better in this life to create an opportunity for a better life to come - equally Western religion argues for a miserable existence to come if one’s soul were found wanting and we were not allowed to enter the Heaven of rewards for being a good soul. Flaxton instead asks: "Why are you really living this life right now? Could it be that there’s value within everything that you perceive above and beyond continuous reincarnation or the punishment of purgatory or the reward of a heaven? Could it be that right here right now everything you could ever propose, were you the maker of the universe, is exactly what you would propose had you that power and that overview?


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