Mexico: Landscape of the Heart

Mexico: Landscape of the Heart is a profound artwork by Terry Flaxton that delves into the heart of Mexican culture, art, and history through a blend of abstraction and representation. The piece acts as a palimpsest of ideas, revealing underlayers of Mexico's rich cultural heritage and the influence of iconic artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Through a series of visual 'hallucinations,' Flaxton uncovers the depths beneath the surface attractions of Mexico—its cuisine, culture, and ancient civilizations—encouraging viewers to see beyond the apparent and discover the narratives and secrets held within. This work is a journey into the essence of Mexico, where ancient glyphs and modern representations converge to form a profoundly dynamic and personal reflection on the country's past and present.

As part of Terry Flaxton's latest artworks released for the Venice Biennale, Mexico: Landscape of the Heart stands as the concluding work of the trio that explores beyond the superficial layers of their subjects and this last piece invites an international audience to experience the complexities and beauties of Mexico through Flaxton's visionary lens, positioning it as a critical exploration of cultural identity and memory within a global art context. Both Hearts of Oak and Once Upon a Time in Venice (Un Tempo Una Volta) screen in the Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Venice during Anima Mundi in March, April and May 2024, with Mexico: Landscape of the Heart screening in September 2024.


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