In juxtaposition to Signs and Symbols of the Human Condition, Presence is intended to evoke the best and ultimate health of the psyche which at its purist recognises the immanence of what most call the material universe (and what Gnostics and mystics call God). Current research suggests the moment of ‘now' is governed within a 40 millisecond attention span of human consciousness. Presence is concerned with literally being in that moment. In the past, Buddhist monks have claimed that that moment is actually only 400 microseconds in length - a far shorter period. When asked how they knew this, the monks told their interviewer that the Buddha had counted each of the micro seconds in turn by within a moment - simply by slowing down time in his consciousness. So In making time a neutral element, the collaborators in this work with Terry Flaxton, Tarogato virtuoso Esther Lamneck, and sound designer Alejandro Colavita perturbed both the sound present at the time of recording and the sound generated in that interplay - but instead of slowing down time to dreamtime, Presence asks you to pay attention in the moment. So this is a true collaborative gesture between artists and audience to evoke the minute amount of time filled by the greatest amount of mindfulness which everyone carries and uses easily in every moment they inhabit.

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