WaterFell, by Terry Flaxton and Emily Burridge, is an evocation of the substance and importance of water and its influence on human and other forms of life. Today we understand that water is beginning to be discovered on many planets and asteroids in the solar system – and by extension we know that like light, water is universe-wide. For the scientist water can become, apart from everything else, fuel to travel through space; for the person travelling, it is also a life-sustaining element. It has a profound and extraordinary behaviour as it assumes many states at different temperatures - and so being ourselves 98 percent water, we share those unusual and distinctive properties in our bodies and minds.

WaterFell seeks to recognise this singular material in a manner that expresses its distinctive properties. Its inception came when Burridge, whose work combines sound composition and performance, and Flaxton, whose work centres around video, photography and sound composition, each independently produced work inspired by the beauty of water sonically and visually, before discovering the parallels between each other’s work. They then swapped their images and sounds, inspiring each other and slowly the composition evolved organically in their individual production studios, influenced by the particular form of digital technology used by each artist. Their joint working practice commenced with Sanctus (also available on Sedition) an evocation to the importance of trees in our lives. They now plan to continue working on a series of works exploring fundamental elements that we share common properties with.

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