Lines of Thought

Lines of Thought is part of a series of five works by Thomas Lisle released together as the Landscapes of the Mind collection.

"What do aliens do at home? There seems to be a great deal of symbolism in the psyche related to rooms, especially in dreams, where the room the dream takes place often has a relationship to the meaning of the dream. This artwork is not a dream representation, more a look at how sci-fiction has permeated our everyday life. The sci-fi theme lets me freely experiment with forms and movement.

The character reminds me in retrospect of Marc Chaimowicz's great photo of him looking out of his window. Standing by a faux arch. Looking out but looking in at the same time. " - Thomas Lisle.

Music by Valera Alakhov. New Composers

FINALIST-European Film Festival Mainstream Underground-2021

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