Love's Journey

Love's Journey is a poem that reflects on love in the broad sense of the word, on how it finds a way to change things and overcome obstacles. As a metaphor for digital art in relation to traditional art practices, Love's Journey investigates the importance of love. Lisle uses 3D paint strokes as the basis for gas, liquid and particle simulations to make digital visual time-based equivalents to traditional abstract painting, a kind of digital painting for the 21st century.

"Are you safe in your home?
Is everything connected?
Is balance impossible?
What is behind the apparent?
Dance into the unknown
Let your baggage go
Love is fluid
Let it find its own path
Through lifes troubling ways"

"Loves Journey is inspired by forces and ideas that can be found in nature and our psyche such as finding balance, negotiating boundaries, and discovering motivations. One of the significant themes in the video is the fluidity in the momentum to change, which finds the course through multiple obstacles. It's about leaving our comfort zone. It's about the psychological progression of individuation. Psychologically we must find a way to like ourselves to be with ourselves; this is also a collective necessity. Individuation is a complex psychological process, which includes all the factors and elements of the psyche becoming aligned and realised.

The poem is a progression to realising something we are passionate about, and to do that, we sometimes have to give up what seems comfortable, what seems safe, we have to throw away our old ideas and embrace new ones. We have to sacrifice something, and we have to go forward in a new way." - Thomas Lisle

Animation and words by Thomas Lisle
Music by Joe Erskine (Electronique), Laurie Erskine (Piano) and Theo Erskine (Sax)
Music mix by Joe Erskine

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