Things to Come

Things to Come is part of a series of five works by Thomas Lisle released together as the Landscapes of the Mind collection.

"I love sci-fi, and I enjoy working with otherworldly places and things. The 3D scans of Mars and the Moon give a strong sense of place; I can't go and sketch, and these models are more accurate.

There is a simple framework to this video, overcoming obstacles, harmony with monsters, and finally tea, followed by a large cosmic event.

There are several different digital paint techniques used in the animation. In the first scene, I have a 'dynamic' paint stroke, that collides with the figure, which is also a digital paint stroke. Other dynamic paint strokes interact with the surface of Mars too. I love the idea that a paint stroke can float like a cloud and bounce off other paint strokes it's so novel. Some dynamic paint strokes are blown by a virtual wind across the sky.

This work is loosely inspired by Jung's book Flying Saucers. I can't do justice to the book in a sentence, but I will try. The book maps out how sci-fi and technology have become a new myth for our era. That scientific thinking has replaced humans naturally developed thinking patterns " - Thomas Lisle.

Music by Valera Alakhov. New Composers
3D model. chicken. BaraV
3D model Mars landscapes by Organic computer
3D model horn by. Adoblenderance
Mocap files Carnegie Mellon University
3d Model asteroid by QuadSpinner.

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FINALIST-European Film Festival Mainstream Underground-2021

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