Tiago Rodrigues, born in 1980 in Portugal, works with a variety of media including painting, drawing, photography, installation, sculpture, 3D, VR, sound, audiovisual, animation and video. He is the founder of The Animals Lab - Art, Design & Sound Laboratory.Lives and works in Guarda, Portugal. Tiago's recent works explore distint languages, universes, soundscapes, possibilities and spaces - like "visual" & "audiovisual" poems. From figurative to abstract he express his personal journeys/projects/thoughts with worlds reflecting what he is inspired/motive by. You can expect perspectives from speculative architectures to sonic landscapes, inspirations from nature to cyberspace. Solo Exhibitions: 2017 "Untitled", installation/exhibition - Quinta Das Vinte Quelhas - Aldeia Viçosa | Guarda 2015 "VivaCidade!", Praça Luís Camões, Nº8 | Guarda 2015 "Untitled", Teatro Municipal da Guarda | Guarda 2013 "Suchness", Teatro Municipal da Guarda | Guarda 2011 "Draw with light" - Teatro Municipal da Guarda | Guarda 2009 "Luzlunar" | Feital 2009 "Kraków" - Table of Contents in Teatro Municipal da Guarda | Guarda 2008 "Stand-Specific" - Teatro Municipal da Guarda | Guarda 2004 "Warmtone" - Paço da Cultura Gallery | Guarda His work has been featured in group exhibitions internationally including Dubai, Turkey, Spain and EUA. https://www.instagram.com/theanimalslab/