Glow for it - Art that Activates your Glow Up

Activate Glow Up
Illuminate Your Next Level

Step into a new reality with "Glow for It," an Art Activation designed for those ready to embrace their next level of existence. This vibrant artwork celebrates the journey into authenticity, encouraging you to live boldly and without compromise. Infused with colours like the confidence-boosting yellow and nurturing pink, it supports your ascent to a higher vibration and expanded consciousness.

"Glow for it, she says, you're ready to shine,
Elevate your life, you can have it all, this time.
Success in business, love, life, and health,
Allow in support, embody expansion and wealth.

Seen and heard, yellow activates confidence at your core,
You're all glow'n up, the pink angel wings help you soar.
Express your voice from the Blue, where creativity gives birth,
Serving others with value, fully aware of your worth.

No longer fitting in, no need to please,
Receiving money and glory with love, joy, and ease.
Payback for years of resilience, lessons of grace,
Glow for it, gorgeous, dance into your prosperous space."

"Glow for It" is an invitation to transform your life by healing from the past, letting go of judgements by embodying the wisdom from lessons learned. This piece encourages you to allow ease into your life, ask for what you desire, and receive abundantly. Experience the magic of living at a higher frequency, where your true self shines brilliantly, attracting a life that reflects how worthy and deserving you as a glow'n up


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