Relight My Fire - Art that Activates Passion

Activate Passion
Rediscover the Spark Within

"Relight My Fire" is an Art Activation designed to re-ignite your inner spark and reconnect you with your true self. It's about remembering who you are and what lights up your soul. The artwork features a radiant display of fiery colours and the image of a dragon, symbolising the powerful release and transformation of discovering your passions.

"Within this canvas, a fiery embrace,
A dragon emerges, taking its place.
'Relight my fire,' the intention is clear,
Activate passion, let it draw near.
Blues and reds, a dance so bold,
Infused with energy, stories untold.
Fiery orange and gold, sparks ignite,
Art that speaks to you, vibrant and bright.

For yourself, for love, for business or career,
Let the dragon's energy draw your passion near.
'Relight my fire,' roars the art,
An intention to ignite the creativity in your heart.

With intention, fire breathe into the present state,
Transmute fear and doubts as you meditate.
Connect to your creative source, it's already done,
Imagination creates, in the frequency of fun."

This piece invites you to find and follow the pathways illuminated by your passions. It encourages you to follow your excitement to guide your choices and inspired actions, creating a life filled with purpose and joy. By engaging with "Relight My Fire," you are reminded that you are the spark that lights up YOU and the world around you. Create, transform and breath your reality into being with your own inner fire.


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