The Inexpressible One

The Inexpressible One by Trippy Everything, part of the Alpha | Omega collection, presents an intricacy of textured shapes where transposing shadows and illuminated colors create an echoing, visual heartbeat. This heartbeat elicits a sense of aliveness within the work, as if shifting colors and shapes make up one vast organism—an organism we recognize we are a part of, through the observation of this work.

"The One rules everything. Nothing has authority over it. It is God. It is the father of everything, the invisible, one over everything. It is uncontaminated pure light no eye can bear to look on.

The One is the invisible Spirit. It is not right to think of it as a god or as something like a god. It is more than just divine. Nothing is above it. Nothing rules it. Since everything exists within it, it does not exist within anything. Since it is not dependent on anything, it is eternal. It is complete and so needs nothing. It is utterly perfect light.

The One is limitless; nothing exists outside of it to limit it. The One is inscrutable; nothing exists apart from it to investigate it. The One is immeasurable; nothing exists outside it to measure it. The One cannot be seen. No one can envision it. The One is eternal. The One is inconceivable. No one can comprehend it. The One is indescribable. No one can name it. The One is infinite light, purity, and holiness; it is stainless. The One is incomprehensible." - Trippy Everything

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