I’m a gay, American artist who has lived and worked in Asia for ten years. Now, I am currently based in Bangkok, Thailand and own a small content company in Shenzhen, China. My work focuses on making interactive video instruments and other interactive installations utilizing Max/Jitter, Touch Designer and various other applications to program interactive applications. My interest in creating interactive video focuses on rethinking video as a set medium that plays from start to finish and refocuses it to be something that is interactive and controllable. I view videos like painting and utilize painting as my inspiration for my visual creations. As a queer artist, I am just as concerned with reality as I am with surreality and fantasy. My biggest inspirations are anime, drag queens/kings, "camp" culture, and dada. Through creating video, painting, programming interactive video instruments, and performance, I seek to explore my queer fantasy and abstract world within and let it escape to affect and shape reality. Technology allows me to transcend time and space and my queerness is my superpower to be part of pushing reality towards new realized fantasies. It is only through realizing queer fantasies that queer realities can exist. My painting, programming, and video aesthetic relate as there is an exploration in the infinite and the love of the escape that the abstract offers us humans.