Universal Everything: The Transfiguration (2020) Auction

Universal Everything: The Transfiguration (2020) Auction

Universal Everything have created an incredible 4K reworking of their 2011 CGI animation Transfiguration. The new work, The Transfiguration (2020) has been completely remade using the latest in procedural visual effects and a new foley based soundtrack by Simon Pyke. This reworking of Universal Everything's iconic studio piece recently went viral on Facebook, generating over 13 million views.

Frame from The Transfiguration (2020) by Universal Everything

The Transfiguration (2020) is an edition of 6, one of which was recently sold for $40,000 USD. Only one edition, number 2 of 6, is currently released on Sedition and is being auctioned on 13 July at a fundraiser event for Naked Heart France, part of Natalia Vodianova's charity organisation the Naked Heart Foundation. Sedition members can join the bidding on 13 July.

Naked Heart France is a children’s charity, founded by Natalia Vodianova in 2014. After relocating to Paris, Natalia decided to expand her charitable initiatives and established Naked Heart France to build on and amplify the important humanitarian work the Naked Heart Foundation had started 10 years earlier for children with disabilities and special needs. Naked Heart France aims at building an open society where children with disabilities and special needs are included, integrated, supported, and have a loving family that helps them develop their intellectual, social, physical and emotional capacities.   

The work of Natalia Vodianova and Naked Heart France has benefitted hundreds of families raising children with special needs in Russia.

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