The Transfiguration (2020)

Universal Everything have created an incredible 4K reworking of their 2011 CGI animation Transfiguration. The new work, The Transfiguration (2020) has been completely remade using the latest in procedural visual effects and a new foley based soundtrack by Simon Pyke. This reworking of Universal Everything's classic studio piece recently went viral on Facebook, generating over 13 million views.

The Transfiguration (2020) is an edition of 6, the first of which recently sold for $40,000 USD. Only one edition, number 2 of 6, is currently released on Sedition and is being auctioned on 13 July at a fundraiser event for Naked Heart France set up by Natalia Vodianova. Sedition members can join the bidding for this iconic piece on 13 July.


About the auction

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Sanborn’s continuous exploration of media technologies and movements!

We present a rare event on our site - an auction featuring John Sanborn’s latest artwork, Original Muse. Created through photometric scanning, this piece captures a choreography as 3D objects and is part of Sanborn’s investigation on technology and altered space. The auction will take place on April 26th from 2pm to 8pm BST, and the winning bidder will be notified after the auction. Learn More

You can purchase this artwork from other collectors on Trade.