AmA is the art name for the international Italian artist Anna Pirrello, now based in Germany. Her works, mainly sculptures, widely appreciated by the Critics, are also sold on Sky channels 877, 902 and Digital 151. Defined by her innate elegance and sense of beauty her research aims to unveil the deep connection between our Soul and Energy, the Superior One, which is the United Field of Consciousness, our Higher and True Inner Self. And Love is the Higher Energy we can experience at the point to get even healed. Beautiful Artworks, thus a combination of High Vibrations, can actually heal just watching at them. AmA’s artworks can let us flow with this unraveling journey of lights, colors, sounds and feelings showing us we are a unique combination of pure synesthetic Energy. For this, the language she adopts is freshly addressed to the viewer in order to let the artwork directly speak at a subliminal level to the audience by exerting a deep aesthetic emotion able to involve more than one sense. The experienced Epiphany shows the artwork is an “alive being” not needing a rational explication or a complex interpretation of the mind but it is a real “lively entity to be deeply felt in its wholesome” at a Higher inner level of decoding. Feel the Energy, feel the Love, AmA.