[ a y s h ] /\ Ayshia Taşkın

Ayshia Taşkın a.k.a [ a y s h ] is a Cypriot-UK Intermedia artist, cyborg, writer, curator and pioneer of Blockchain happenings/performances [blockformances]. Her practice contains a multitude of techniques like building performative sculptures, collaborating with robots, latex modelling, digital art, moving image, VR world-building, printmaking, installation, web-based and Livestream/VR/Crypto-performance art and Blockchain NFT culture. Ayshia merges high- and low-tech production methods within her video work through ‘aesthetic corruption’, glitch, 3D modelling software, generative, greenscreen, AI and data-bending to explore sci-fi and mythology with the interplay of both sides of technology by mixing the digital with analogue techniques. Ayshia’s works have been shown in The Wrong Biennale; Arebyte Gallery, London; Auckland University of Technology, Venice; The Festival of Contemporary Art in Athens; Ely Centre for Contemporary Art, USA; Screen-print Biennial, USA; Transcultural Exchange in Boston; Dfbrll8r Gallery at Zhou B Art Centre in Chicago; Taos Centre for the Arts, New Mexico; Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh; Glasgow International Art Festival; Performance Køkkenet, Copenhagen; Zembla Gallery, Scotland; Noemata/#biennale.no; Bangkok Biennial, Thailand; Galerie XY, Olomouc, Czech Republic; MoWNA Biennial, New York and many virtual exhibitions. Ayshia graduated with an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.