San Francisco
Azael Ferrer is a multimedia artist from Málaga, Spain who is based in San Francisco and practicing in the Bay Area + beyond since 2012. His work includes A/V installation, live performances, VJ and premier lighting designs. Azael creates immersive experiences through generative graphics, light, sound and objects at the space. His practice is an experimental and elegant exploration of digital arts, tech, + multi-sensory perception. He learned his craft at Audiovisual Performance in Marbella (Málaga) and honed it through select participation in workshops including Vjspain, Center of Scenic Studies of Andalusia, International University of Andalusia, The Crucible in Oakland and the Gray Area Foundation, creative code in San Francisco. He is presently a studio artist with the SF collaborative-collective, Merchants of Reality and he is founder of Transdisciplina A/V, Malaga, Spain. His personal and collaborative projects have been shown across Europe & the United States.