Born 1968, in Brussels, Belgium My photographic universe is contemplative, it is made of dreams and memories, stolen moments out of Time. I have a strong taste for B&W, for minimalism, for lines, curves, textures, structures, shadows and dark images with a classic approach. An attempt to unify without contradictions classicism and modernity, or when one is no longer the antinomy of the other but rather the result of the fusion sublimated where only the aesthetics matter. Exploring the sensuality of light with bodies, faces, architecture, nature with landscapes and elements. I care a lot about emptiness, about the silence of it about its power its energy. Timeless images, away from past, present or future it is just there celebrating beauty the way I see it. A vision exaggerated almost unreal, oneiric. Enhanced by sfumato and chiaroscuro technique also known to the Ancient greeks as skiagraphia or the effect of "light modelling" adding peaceful but strong dramatic effects. A quiet stillness. A calm, silent quest for Absolute that you are invited to join. Personal Website - Bernard André Photography