Bryn Oh is the virtual ghost artist of a Toronto oil painter. My interest in virtual worlds began with an attempt to create an artist unaligned with a RL identity. The idea was to see if a pixel character could become successful and accepted as an artist in real life alongside flesh and blood ones. I see what we do in virtual worlds as the frontier to a new medium with the capability to create unique forms of art. So far Bryn's work has been shown at Nuit Blanche, the World Expo in Shanghai (Madrid Pavilion), with IBM, in movies such as "My avatar and me" or in projects with people such as director Peter Greenaway (Big Bang) and artist Stelarc. A Web3D Conference presenter in Paris, France as well as profiled on RAI TV in Italy and Art21. Bryn exhibits in various Universities worldwide and is also on the syllabus of many. Currently the subject of three Thesis works ( and has received a New Media grant from the Canadian Government. Bryn was written about in Vogue magazine (Italy) and exhibited at a museum in Rome(RL -Museo in Commune) as well as the Santa Fe new media festival. Currently working with Peter Greenaway on Danse Macabre an installation slated to open November 2013. It's been interesting.