Desmond Leung Kar Hao explores the wisdom of water by merging the mediums of abstract painting, moving image, digital sculpture and virtual reality into a multidimensional flowing art form. Through the vibration of water, Leung rediscovered the joy of creation and limitless abundance of life.

Leung attempts to develop the contemporary holistic Art which intertwines energy, nature, mindful aesthetic and technology into new visual language, exploring how Holistic art can inspire today’s society, express a cosmic view of the oneness and create an artistic space for mindfulness.

Leung’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally. Selected exhibitions and festivals include Art Basel Miami, 2019; Floating Memory, solo exhibition, Switzerland, 2019; Vienna Design Week, 2018; Maker Faire Ottawa, Canada Science and Technology Museum, 2018; HKAGA Art Symposium, Art Central, Hong Kong, 2018; Public Art Screens, Norway, 2016; Elle Decor, Milan, 2016; CHANEL Digital Art Program, worldwide, 2012; Stonehenge New Media Arts Exhibition, Hong Kong, 2014; Media Pole Exhibition, Seoul, 2012; The Hong Kong International Art Fair, 2011; Asian Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Hong Kong, 2011; October Contemporary, Hong Kong, 2009; Get It Louder, Shenzhen, 2006; Resfest, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, 2005; and others.


2020 Essence of Suzhou multi-projection, Suzhou, China
2020 Bamboo’s Dream Cheng Du, China
2019 Group Exhibition Art Basel Miami, U.S
2019 Group Exhibition Art Basel Art Activation, Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
2019 The Flowing Memory (Solo Exhibition) dip contemporary art, Villa Principe Leopoldo, Lugano, Switzerland
2019 Realities (AR exhibition) Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 Realities (AR exhibition) Vilnius, Lithuania
2018 Maker Faire Ottawa The Canada Science and Technology Museum, Canada
2018 Realties (AR exhibition) Vienna Design Week 2018, Vienna, Austria
2018 The Dawn of Inner Reality Parkview Art, Art Central, Central, Hong Kong