Online Exhibition

The Dreamspace is a project produced using 3D imaging techniques, which has been put together exclusively for Sedition by artist and curator Sophie Kahn. The Dreamspace collection is part of the online exhibition of the same name, curated by Kahn in late 2017. Kahn invited thirteen artists who work with 3D imaging to contribute works which explore how time and space are constructed by different kinds of process - conscious and subconscious, physical and digital, online and offline - and, by extension, how these kinds of process overlap. The exhibition features works by artists including: Morehshin Allahyari, Nadav Assor, Mark Dorf, Adam Hurwitz, Coralina Meyer, Jonathan Monaghan, Brenna Murphy, Nicholas O'Brien, Alexander Porter, Pussykrew, Snow Yunxue Fu, Yefeng Wang and Giselle Zatonyl.

The Dreamspace project is inspired by science fictions of downloaded memories, digital forensics and the commercial utopias of architectural 3D rendering. Artists were invited to keep a record of their dreams for a period of time. This record could take any form. When they had a dream in which an architectural space featured prominently, their task was to reconstruct it using 3D software, to the best of their ability. They were instructed only to model those areas of the space that they could recall, leaving the rest blank: a testament to the slippery nature of memory, and the impossibility of technological reconstruction.

View the online exhibition online: www.dream-space.net