My name is Edy Fummo and I am or at least I try to be a creative and therefore depending on the inspiration or the circumstances I wear the role of motion designer or soundtrack composer or I delight in writing pretending to be a blogger or even a writer or poet. For years I have worked as an advertising graphic designer and this experience has, so to speak, prepared the ground for a further creative growth which is precisely animated graphics and therefore videos ... through which I somehow manifest my inner world ... and I try to make art and possibly to make this creativity a real work activity. In fact, my approach to work does not follow any particular method, in reality I do nothing but manipulate sounds, I recompose them, I follow their path and the possibilities they offer me by mixing them, finally I arrange them on the images. I work on the notes, put them together, mix them and capture the emotions that are needed, which support those specific sequences. I do the same with images, I build worlds, atmospheres which in turn draw and intertwine worlds and atmospheres on another plane. I elaborate, re-elaborate, create and destroy, I don't stop at any moment in particular, no image is and must be an end in itself, everything leads back to a whole in continuous movement. Mine is an escape from stillness, and then I go deep and re-emerge at the same time, a simultaneous process that leads me to a desired interiority, coveted, lived, created continuously.