Agnieszka Maria Zieba

Agnieszka Maria Zieba was born in 1978 in Bochnia near Krakow, Poland. Since 2001 she works as a photographer and video artist in Cologne, Germany. Her works shows a conceptual form of photography with preferences for animals and a sence for nature, embedded in surreal worlds.  She is fascinated by the beauty of nature. And at every stage of flowering - from bud to withering. The constantly renewing nature as a symbol for the perfect creation of God. She loves, as she says, the unique fragrance that unfolds in each stage. When she plays with petals, flower bouquets and colors, she creates delicate, atmospheric compositions. As in a Rococo ceiling painting, she breaks spatial boundaries into a mysterious cosmos. Digital processing produces COLOR IMPRESSIONS, in which the actual subject dissolves. It starts from the colors. Contrasts and harmonies create different moods. Individual structures become visible and at the same time dissolve again. Agnieszka creates fantasy worlds that you want to immerse yourself in. She plays with flatness and depth, 2 and 3 dimensionality. Transparency and blurring create a spatial effect that acts like a suction. It is easy to imagine how an insect flies from flower to flower and gets lost in this virtual world. Her pictures are currently exhibited in galleries in United States, France, Germany, Swiss and Poland.