The Russian artist Evfrosina (b.1974, Moscow) works across photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and video art. In each field, she has created her own distinguished, easily recognizable visual style which consists in connecting the fine handmade works with new technology. Mixing the reality of photography with a surrealistic line allows her works to go out beyond the visible. The prevailing subject of her compositions is the movement. Nothing is constant in the world but flux. She focuses on the motion of a human body, considered as a powerful instrument of the work with consciousness and energy. One of her latest projects called Ifallil fully evolves this concept. It consists of various interactive kinetic sculptures (Ifallils) which transfer the idea of harmony and balance. The project was presented internationally since 2011. Evfrosina reflects: "The art is intended to evoke in people a resonance with the vibrations of the universe and to shake off the dusty veil from our ancient memory”. She has exhibited at various international art institutions in Moscow (Russia); Barcelona, Madrid (Spain); Paris, Cannas ( France); London (UK), Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Pekin (China); Milano, Rome (Italy) , Tokio (Japan); Brussel, Antwerpen ( Belgium). Evfrosina lives and works in Moscow (Russia) and Barcelona (Spain).