Natural born toast eater and art preparer Hooja's works of art span many disciplines and media. Always attempting to engender the WTF reaction from viewers Hooja's works push the limits of traditonal 'Art' and'street art'. Raised among the street art scene of Bristol UK, Hooja's influences include all the forefathers of graffiti and streetart culminating in his own Post-Graffiti applications and productions. Part Vandal, part bastardised Advert subvertor, part satirical ridiculer Hooja is never happy being compartmentalised and so rejects any classification when its placed upon him. The artwork he produces ranges from unsubtle religious jokes through to subtle artist mockery, from Islamic Wispa bars to a revolutionary Alan Titchmarsh. Find among his many varied works Pig heads, Killer Children, ice cream skulls, lemon pudding and other important aspects of modern society. In the words of Hooja himself: "It doesn't matter to me if the piece is a pair of Jewish underpants or a kid with crosses for eyes, when someone sees my work and says 'What the Hell is that?' I feel a great sense of achievement and contentment"