Iotoff has been exploring and experimenting with digital art since the early 2000s when he understood that it's impossible to physically realise all his ideas unless his existence was eternal and his energy and materials infinite. In order to avoid being caught in the trap of painting and sculpturing ideas, which by their nature are abysmal, Iotoff has been seeking to challenge the role of the contemporary artist: is it to reproduce images or to produce ideas? Hence, he started digitising his ideas, and since then he has been driven by the strengths of technology. "Technology gives you the opportunity to transmute an image as many times as you want and the freedom of expression is at it's highest level" he says. His work discusses man's place in the universe and the laws human beings should follow -- laws that are the same for all the biological chain members. Iotoff draws inspiration from the universe, so a bean seed or a cactus leaf are transformed into art materials. His work has been widely exhibited internationally including: The National Gallery, Bulgaria, 1990; Ogaki Senior High School, Japan, 1992; Maison du Chevalier, France, 1998; the Millenium World Trade Centre, Sweden, 2000; the Athens subway, Greece, 2003 and the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, 2010. In 1999 he wins the 1st prize in Winsor and Newton world competition and in 2002 he wins the 1st prize in "2004: Looking for the Olympic Idea". Currently Iotoff works and creates worldwide independently.

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