Ivan Alexiev was born in May,1982 in Thrace,Bulgaria,Europe. During his early childhood he was homeschooled by his grandparents( they both were Artistic Figures). In these times Ivan was introduced to the literary works of the Russian Classic Writers(Dostoevsky,Tolstoy,Turgenev),and also to many of the world authors in his Grandfather's Library. Later he attended Art and Dramatic school and was inspired by the process of Film Making and the visual works of the great cinema world film directors. In 1996 Ivan Alexiev attended drawing classes in Moscow and travelled around Russia(St.Petersburg& Samara) and exhibited his art works in Russian town of Samara. Since 1999 Ivan Alexiev exhibited his works in Sofia,Bulgaria, in Italy(Tolentino), Belgium(town of Olen); Iran(Teheran); Constantinople,(Turkey). He was working in Europe as an fine artist and many of his art works are now in private collections in Switzerland,Sweden,France,Austria,Denmark and UK; Since 2006 Ivan Alexiev has working as a concept artist in various film productions in Hollywood,California. In 2008 the artist visited south east Asia(Cambodia and Vietnam) and under that influence he is creating series of magnificent paintings; In 2010 Mr. Alexiev showed his art in the center of Copenhagen,Denmark; Personal interests Ivan Alexiev works in a broad range of visual mediums including film, fine art,drawing, painting and creative writing( screenplay and novel)