In his work, Jamie Shovlin (b. 1978) explores the tension between fact and fiction in the narratives we use to define our identities and share our stories. Questioning the reliability of information and materiality in the digital age, each project proposes new types of storytelling that include unreliable narration, multiple realities and meta-commentary. Shovlin’s work questions the influence of memory and subjectivity in how we construct the stories of our lives and histories.

Shovlin completed a Masters at the Royal College of Art in 2003. He first exhibited in New Contemporaries in 2003 with Naomi V. Jelish, a project which in 2004, became his first solo show at London’s Riflemaker. In 2006, he was selected for Beck’s Futures and had his first museum solo show at Tate Britain. His work has been featured in solo show in galleries and museums including at MACRO, Rome, 2010; Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, 2008; Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 2008. More recently he has has exhibited his work within curated displays from the collections of Tullie House, Carlisle and Southampton City Art Gallery.

In 2013, Shovlin released his debut feature film Rough Cut; the film was commercially released on DVD as well as showing at the Toronto and Rotterdam international film festivals. Recent projects have moved away from object-based displays towards working with digital media and immersive installations. Shovlin presented Hiker Meat (2013) at Cornerhouse, Manchester and MOCCA, Toronto as his most ambitious project to date, with physical artefacts alongside video installations tracing the deconstruction of a fictional film.

Jamie Shovlin lives and works in London, UK.


2017 Subs, The Gallery De Monfort University, Leicester, UK
2017 Widows and Orphans Lincoln Voices, Lincoln, UK
2016 Widows and Orphans DKUK Salon, London, UK
2014 c/o Unosunove, Rome, IT
2014 Redact Variations (Tehran Times) Ingleby Gallery, Billboard for Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
2013 (sic) Horton Gallery, New York, US
2013 A Defect in Broke Tissue Boetzelaer/Nispen, Amsterdam, NL
2012 Various Arrangements Haunch of Venison, London, UK
2011 A Film By Jesus Rinzoli Horton Gallery, New York, US
2011 Three (and a Half) Films with Many Shared Characters Unosunove, Rome, IT