Chesapeake Bay, United States
Born in 1958, Jeff began art school at nine years of age and continued to study and collect art and sculpture throughout his life. By 1978 he had opened his own studio and made a move toward film. He won the first of eight Cine’ Golden Eagles for his documentary “On Any Street” in 1981. He paints for his grandchildren working on “kid’s art” for the books he writes for them about animals who, with the help of humans solve the complex problems of today. However the majority of his work is modern and provoking and can be produced as the original, digitally – on canvas, archival papers or any medium. He is currently working with a leading art printer manufacturer to create a giclee-type printer that can duplicate a painting layer by layer, change by change using photographs, PDFs, and computer files if need be. This is not possible today.