Elisa Lavazza

Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Passionate about drawing and painting since childhood over the years Elisa has turned this innate capacity to give life to everything she draws. Her beginning was marked by the collaboration with Maestro Roberto Molino, from whom she learned her unique technique and vision. Year 1998, the real watershed in her career. From illustrator for the publishing industry comes to bullying in the advertising world creating storyboards and animatics used by many leading Advertising Agencies in Milan for the presentation of advertising campaigns to their customers, incredible years! For advertising agencies and for the most important Italian and foreign Brands the "drawings" by Elisa Lavazza are and will always be synonymous with artistic beauty but also of marketing penetration. After over 20 years of illustrations, in 2013 the Provincia di Milano promoted Elisa personal exhibition at Spazio Oberdan, where She shows which is the creative process that move her from a text to an advertising storyboard and more to art creations.