Lars Mikkes

Nyborg Denmark
Mikkes was born 1967 in Odense Denmark. He Lived and work in Nyborg. Denmark. Art degree : Fun Art Academy 1980 - 86. Mikkes prefer work with acrylic, mixed media, video, oil, photography, plastic,etc. His particular themes in his work is spiritual and science fiction, and figuratively landscapes and perspective are some of his signature in his art. Granted and Awards: Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin 2010. Arts Agency; Legacy Residence (Place des Arts) Paris. Jutland post office, Berlin. Theodor Alfred c. Von Irgens. Carlsberg's Idea legat. L. f. Fought. State Music Council. Exhibition: He Debut at the Spring exhibition Charlottenborg in 1982 - 1985 & 86. The artist was living and working in Spain from 1996 to 2001. In 2002 was he working and living in London. In 1996 participates Mikkes as Guest, (Art aus Dänemark 1945 bis heute) Grosse Kunstausstellung Düsseldorf, NRW, Germany. * Mikkes Art are represented in gallery TESE Aarhus Denmark. * Mikkes work are been collected by Brandts museum Odense Denmark. Mikkes work have been published in be # 18 / Art magazine Bethanien by Gesine Borcherdt 2011 See more of Mikkes Art :