Manav Khadkiwala is a visual artist and music producer from New Delhi, India. His work delves into concepts of chaos, entropy, and randomness, employing generative processes to unearth the underlying beauty of these mathematical constructs.

His work has been exhibited as part of Indianama 2017 at Kona, New Delhi, and The London Design Festival. 70 artists from around the world were asked to come up with their own version of what India means to them. To convey in their own style a living picture of the different facets of this beautiful country, through travel and tourism posters that move. He was also part of -Out of Line- 2018, a virtual exhibition space that is built over cellphone networks and uses the site of ‘the call’ to showcase sound and text-based works. His work is also regularly featured on Instagram channels dedicated to generative and code-based art such as Cycling74, Creativecodeart, Codex-Futurae and many more.

Currently based in London, UK, he is exploring the merger of diverse creative mediums into a distinctive language and practice- a blend of the sonic and visual art driven by a simple inquiry, is the fundamental nature of matter really be lawlessness?