Mark Gould is a San Francisco based artist, photographer and video art maker. He has been creating digital art since the 1980's with exhibitions at SIGGRAPH and other trade organizations as well as at schools, galleries and other venues. Gould began his working career as a reporter and photojournalist, is a graphic designer and a former adjunct professor who has taught design, typography, media theory along with digital art. Among those who have informed and influenced Gould's art are the works of Walter Benjamin, Gene Youngblood, Nam June Paik, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Margot Lovejoy, and John Maeda. While he is a painter and works in a variety of mediums Gould says, "I've chosen video, digital art, and altered photography as my passion, and in doing so I make a conscious choice, as do street artists, to take modern art outside of conventional settings or formal structures."