Mark Gould's abstract work, through a variety of traditional and digital processes, uses digital artifacts, or representations of digital artifacts, to explore themes of symmetry, symbols, code, mandalas, generative art and philosophy. Using highly interactive techniques and a variety of input devices Gould uses painting, collage, photography and mixed media in his current work in which he inquires what possibilities exist for an evolution of abstract expressionism in new media. As a former journalist he has an inbred curiosity about the world and every day literally puts the world in a different light. As a photographer Gould spent many years looking through a camera lens and have learned how to frame and compose a picture, on the run. "With time my work has become quite a bit more calculated, says Gould; much of my work is the found or imagined play of light, shadow and motion studies with always delightful results." As much as Gould says he is entranced by the practice of creating with the tools of art, technology and mass media, he has also become immersed in the the theories and epistemological processes underlying the new media art forms. With the philosophical perspectives of Walter Benjamin, Gene Youngblood, Nam June Paik, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Margot Lovejoy, John Maeda and others.

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