I was born in Rome December 22, 1972 and my passion was born in 1998 when I discovered the scenarios modeling and animation software Bryce. Combined with my other passion, music, I started drawing inspiration from the great album that mostly listened, from hard rock to heavy metal. In 2007 also beginning to take pictures with the aim of using them to digital manipulation, on which I will base 'then all the jobs from 2009 onwards except for some return to the initial 3D. With photography I also started to take care of post-production of photos taken in RAW format, where a through technical examination of the image I have always preferred the instinct of my eye. Since 2010 I started to take part in group exhibitions throughout Italy, presenting the works of various formats, from digital printing on plexiglass printing on canvas. The list of exhibitions is carried out in the section EVENTS of official web www.mauriziodicarlo.com , together with the works on display.