Gero Doll is a new media artist. He was born in Outjo, Namibia on February 13 1987. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany. After studying Graphic Design in Hamburg at the Institute of Design, he moved to Berlin, in order to pursue an experimental artistic career, focusing on Video Art experimental 3D & Animation. He received coverage in numerous online articles and film festivals. His style is highly abstract resembling visuals of hallucinations. As Vimeo puts it: “One of the leading voices in de-familiarizing 3D”. Each film is crafted out of entirely different parts and themes, yet, they are clearly part of an identifiable stylistic whole. He loves to play with suggestibility in order to provoke the viewer. (Thought provocation) Also, he is interested in all new media artforms and tries to underline the importance of art and the subconscious and its relation to virtual reality and machine learning art.