Paul Schumacher

Melting Pol aka Paul Schumacher, born in 1965 in Luxembourg (Europe) where he still lives – visual artist since 1991 << “VeeJay” since 1995 His first appearance as an artist are marked by several video documentary projects for theatre performances, concerts and different art exhibitions. Beside, he was also noticed during his (ir)regular participations at shows such as concerts, festivals or techno parties for his live video projections as he literally dresses up the screens during his performances. At this time he was a pioneer in this new art form, the « VeeJaying », until now he still likes to do visual performances together with all kinds of DJ’s and musicians. << “Melting Sessions“ in 1996, 1997, 1999 & 2009 Originator, conceiver and producer of his own audiovisual shows which have as a starting point the music combined with VeeJay-performances. In these multidisciplinary events an additional part is taken by other disciplines like action painting, dance... These interactions between the artists take place in real time and contribute to the exchange between the artists.