The work of Perth artist, Robert Buratti is gradually finding it’s way across the world and beyond, from showing on the largest video screen in Times Square New York, to being projected across the iconic Hammer Hall in Melbourne, and its launch into deep space aboard NASA’s OsirisRex mission. His collaborations with other artists such as The Tea Party, and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and his numerous appearances in many of Australia’s most high profile art prizes has further introduced his work and ideas to a new range of admirers. ​ Buratti grew up with a strong interest in visual art from an early age. Descended from the 16th century Italian painter, Girolamo Buratti, he couldn’t help but feel drawn to the religious power of the northern Italian masters. After graduating high school, he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University with majors in english literature, critical theory and psychology. During his study he became interested in Jung’s theories of the collective unconscious and its links to visual art, and it formed the basis of his early approach to paintings. While studying he began his career working for a number of commercial art galleries in Sydney, before continuing to a Master of Arts Administration at the prestigious College of Fine Arts/ UNSW.