Sahar Homami is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin and Montreal. Born and raised in Tehran, she discovered calligraphy at a very young age and obtained the Mastery level in Persian calligraphy by the age of 18. Then pursued 3 years of engineering in Material Science, moved countries and completed a B.F.A in Computation Arts, in her second home of Montreal, Canada. As a consequence of this chosen path, she often finds herself researching and exploring, expressing her ideas through multi-media platforms: video/animation direction, real-time visuals, analogue/digital calligraphy, and photography.

Her projects are inspired by an ongoing research on the intersection of spirituality, science, art, and technology; focused on being the process and seeing in relationships. Our inner universe is concealed to us much like the outer world. The visual communication can be utilized as a medium to traverse certain inner and outer worlds simultaneously and diminish the seeming barriers. She invites the spectator to perceive, reflect, ponder or conceivably challenge themselves. Employing the tools accessible to us today, she dissolves the boundaries and hopes to expand our art of seeing.