With his work he seeks to establish a methodology similar to what we understand as complex systems, where the links between the multiple parts of it suggest the presence of hidden or indeterminate variables. In such a way, he is interested in the process that allows him to get to know something, recognizing the improbability of knowing it in its entirety. These proposals usually leave room for possibilities, assuming a behavior in tune with the modus operandi of what is conceived as the Cosmos. His projects usually take shape in installations where elements such as archives, scientific documents and the use of living organisms such as fungi stand out, in combination with tools such as photography, cyanotype, augmented reality and machine learning. He has participated in exhibitions at the CICA Museum of Contemporary Art (South Korea), the International Biennial of Emerging Contemporary Art Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS) (Spain), at the Museum of the National University of Colombia (Bogotá) and in the Future Traditions Fest 2020 (USA). Among his recognitions, the First place of the XXII Youth Hall with FIA, Caracas, Venezuela and the nomination for the BLOOOM 2017 awards, Dusseldorf, Germany stand out.