Partridge is a pioneer of British Video Art who was in the landmark video shows of the 1970s including The Video Show at the Serpentine in 1975, The Installation Show at the Tate gallery in 1976, Paris Biennalle de Jeunes in 1977 and a solo exhibition at The Kitchen in New York in 1979. During the eighties he exhibited widely and also became interested in works for broadcast television and was commissioned by Channel 4 television to produce Dialogue for Two Players in 1984. With Jane Rigby, he formed Fields and Frames Ltd - an arts projects, and television production company which produced the innovative Television Interventions project for Channel 4 in 1990, with nineteen works by artists for television (including his own piece in the series - The Sounds of These Words. He also co-produced a short series of student and artists work, Not Necessarily, with BBC Scotland for BBC2 network television in 1991. He has curated a number of influential video shows: Video Art 78 in Coventry; UK TV New York; National Review of Live Art 1988-90; 19:4:90 Television Interventions. His seminal artwork Monitor (1974) was acquired by TATE Britain in December 2014