tami.nosi My works begin with a collision between things that are vague and outrageous and I try to sort out the uncomfortable situation. In some cases, it becomes a theatre of situations with high tension, and in others the atmosphere is filled with peace. I try to gather the conflictual sensations to combine and arrange them in my own way in order to complete my work. When unexpected outcomes arise in the process, then is the essence of my work. Excitement, and catharsis!!! This is the advantage of the Homo Ludens playground. * My photography starts with the exciting observation of reality. There is an intention to experience death by the silent cruel laughter. *The theme of my paintings and sculptures is also contradictory and humorous by combining conflictual screams. *My media artwork is an association of photography, paintings, and sculptures to maximize my intentions. Vivid colors cover the scene, and extravagant objects appear indifferently. In the artwork, these objects repeat movements and boost imagination by combining multidimensional images. Overall, they slowly create a wonderland and spark imagination. An informal and broad range of works accompanies both excitement and somber laughter. My works contain hidden agony and labor, sacred and fancy smile, and represent my life as a ‘Wonder – Alice’s Gesture’ of this era. Chung Hye jin