Terry Flaxton and Emily Burridge

A collaborative creative partnership has formed between moving image artist Terry Flaxton and cellist, composer and producer Emily Burridge, stemming from shared conceptual interests and an interest in the crossover between visual and sonic composition. Burridge and Flaxton have worked together on artworks including Sanctus and WaterFell.

Terry Flaxton works with sound composition, photography and film. He has been working with video as a medium and exhibiting internationally since the late 1970s, and also worked as a cinematographer for 30 years. His body of work charts the journey from analogue to digital video and addresses the conceptual, philosophical and political impact of contemporary moving-image technologies. focuses on durational forms of the digital including sound, video, print and installation. His works are held in various collections including Lux London, Video les Beaux Jours Strasbourg and AICE Milan.

Emily Burridge is a cellist, composer, and producer whose genre-crossing music is often used for documentaries and soundtracks, as well as artworks. Her compositions utilise modern sampling and looping technology which enables her to record harmonies and recreate her multi-tracked compositions live. Burridge trained at Wells Cathedral School and the Royal College of Music in London, where she was awarded the Helen Just Concerto Prize. Her album productions to date include: Compositions & Meditations (2017), Earth Songs, Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon (2010), Bridge Between Worlds (2006), Footsteps in the Sand (1998), (1994, re-released 2004). Her live productions as a soloist include, Bach & Music From Out of the Blue, From Bach to the Amazon and, Mellow Cello Sessions for festivals and galleries.