"To know if he created art, the artist has to come out of the process of creation - liberated from himself (or his Self). Therefore it is not a brush, hand or eye that the artist works with – but internal freedom. We have boxed everything into categories and have names for everything: painting, drawing, portrait, abstract, this - that. It works well for search engines and our convenience. But the deep urge of creativity comes in a formless force of creation. Breathe it into any form and there it is. It may be a meal, a canvas or a dance. What you can touch or experience is called "the work" of art, but "the art" is the inner experience of the creator in a given moment in which it manifests something into existence. Thus, what we can see or touch, is not the art itself. It is the work, a surface that bears the traces of that inner experience. It is all about the inner experience. And the purpose of having any work is that the work hopefully can, in some way trigger- in the viewer - an experience of the same quality or kind. Thus, the artist's primary focus is not on the result but what's going on within himself/herself. " For reasons mentioned above, my artistic approach is not of any stylistic kind, as I approach art as a process not as a product. And for this reason, I am constantly in search of expansion. Expansion into new territory. I often call this - walking into darkness: with every step you make, the road lays itself out of nowhere.